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Sub-Allergenic Stacking Principle

This article is based on an excerpt from the book: TOXIC YOU :: 58 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Health By Reducing Your Exposure To Man-Made Toxins by M. Robert Strauss

Allergenic symptoms can be caused by many things: classic allergens like molds and pollen, food intolerances like wheat and dairy, as well as the still largely unexplored realm of modern man-made chemicals, plastics, and food additives.

Yet, from everything you've read in the papers about all these chemicals, there would seem to be nothing for us to worry about. Indeed, industry-funded science spends billions trying to convince everyone that there is no such thing as an adverse biological reaction to a man-made chemical.

Of course, this is just not true – chemicals do interact with our bodies, all the time.

Moreso, if on any given day, you work around chemicals you already know affect you (chemical sensitivities), and you mow the lawn that same day (allergies), and you eat badly that whole prior week (food intolerances, food additive sensitivities), then yes, the infamous stair-step or stacking effect kicks in, with one irritant or allergen building upon the next, creating a greater overall allergenic reaction within your body.

The Defining Medical Story of Our Age

This modern day flood, of tens of thousands of man-made plastics, toxins, dyes, additives, and genetically modified organisms into our daily lives, constitutes a unprecedented biological assault that, historically, not one animal or plant has ever had to endure. Quite literally, our bodies lack the specific, evolved defenses to deal with all these chemicals. More soberingly, an astonishing 89% of these chemicals have never been systematically studied by science to determine how they might affect our biology.

Allergic or quasi-allergenic reactions are only the initial biological warnings of more potentially irreversible and devastating future health problems. Medical statistics clearly reveal the damage: Exploding epidemics of diseases, maladies, conditions and syndromes, many formerly rare, that year-over-year are capturing an ever increasing share of the populace.

Most insidiously, the traditional reductive scientific model utterly fails us all in the face of a biological system as complex as the human body. With literally thousands of still scientifically unmapped biological sub-systems interacting simultaneously within our bodies, with these interactions occurring in the context of any number of artificial chemicals, with our biology varying from person to person, one can easily see the vast indeterminacy that allows companies to engage in plausible deniability while raking in ever more money by continuing to throw us all -- our health, our quality of life, and our futures -- under the bus.

The connection is clear: the more you reduce your exposure to food additives and environmental chemicals, the lower you will be able to bring down your total allergy stack.

The Sub-Allergenic Stacking Principle

An excuse the chemical industry makes, when confron­ted with the question of their food additives causing potential allergenic side effects, is that not one of their chemical addit­ives, individually, is capable of eliciting visible allergenic symptoms in most people.

You can clearly see though, in the next diagram, that while no individual ingredient or food additive may, on its own, ever reach the threshold of arousing visible allergenic symptoms, once you have consumed a typical processed food item con­taining any number of additives and other chemical constitu­ents -- each individual ingredient contributing its own mix of sub critical allergenic symptoms toward the sum of the total allergenic stack -- that the total height of each allergenic symptom stack eventually does reach above the threshold and becomes a full-blown allergenic symptom.

Voila! No individual ingredient is allergenic, but the mix of all ingredients is allergenic! Cool trick, huh?

It is in these and other ways that the chemicals industry can continue to ply its game, dodge and weave, and get you to be­lieve they are not causing you allergenic/chemical provocation distress.


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Sub-Allergenic Stacking Principle

Total Stack Reduction Principle


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